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  1. Reservations for overnight care (starting with new clients) require 25% deposit.

    • Deposit refundable for cancellations 7 days or more prior to start date

    • 25% due at start date

    • 50% due upon return

    • Dates are first come, first serve

  2. Fees based on distance from office, number/type of animals, type of care needed.

    • Walks start at $10 for 30mins

    • Dog overnights start at $25/dog per day

    • Cat visits start at $10/visit for 1 cat, $2 per additional cat

    • Pricing for other pet varieties available upon request

    • Walks/visits cancelled less than 24hrs in advance must be paid in full!

  3. Payment for weekly walks will be due by 6pm Friday of each week, unless otherwise specified.

  4. Sitters/walkers may be contacted directly between the hours of 8am-8pm WHILE ON THE JOB.

    • All communication must be in the form of text or email.

    • All “after-hours” communications must be directed to management.

  5. If HTPCI has to cancel for any reason, client has the option of a full refund or credit towards future pet care.

  6. Any scheduling or cancellations that are not covered by these policies will be decided on by HTPCI.

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